Custom temperature design and manufacturing

Technitemp can design and manufacture any custom and bespoke temperature instruments. We use up-to-date CAD software to meet highest criteria to develop from basic to the most advanced industrial temperature sensors, thermowells and flow level switches.



Technitemp often repair variates of temperature sensors. Our team inspects temperature sensors and will provide you a quotation. In case repair is not worth to proceed our CAD designers and Engineers are able provide you a solution – design of a replica to your suit.



Technitemp provides wide range of calibration services. Whether it is Digital Thermometer or Humidity sensors you can walk-in or deliver it, and our team provides calibration testing and certification needed.


Technical Support

Technitemp has a team of CAD designers and engineers who are dedicated to developing new products and custom made temperature sensors. Our team enjoy working with clients to solve any temperature related tasks. We are able to come to your place and advise you the best solution to meet yours criteria, or feel free to call us if you have questions.